5Is case studies

Original EU Crime Prevention Network good practice project descriptions (2002-2004)

Youth inclusion programme South Tyneside UK p68

Safer Cities – diverse crimes Denmark p82

Mobile phone theft national initiatives UK p180

Domestic burglary – Stirchley, Birmingham UK p130

UK domestic burglary examples from Burglary Reduction Initiative, National Crime Reduction Programme (2004)

In addition to the UK burglary reduction examples presented via the EU Crime Prevention Network (above), a larger set of burglary case studies from the UK National Crime Reduction Programme were described using 5Is.

Case studies (2005) on CCTV from evaluation of Home Office CCTV Initiative, National Crime Reduction Programme

Other Home Office 5Is case studies (2003-2005)

Other 5Is case studies and applications

Chapters 18 and 20 of the (2005) Handbook of Crime Prevention and Community Safety (ed. Nick Tilley; Willan Publishing), respectively covering Business & Crime, and Drugs & Alcohol.

5Is used in security toolkits