Cybercrime and security

On another page, the more general coverage on technology, crime and security and their co-evolution is also relevant.

The Conjunction of Criminal Opportunity Framework in cyberspace

Although the CCO Framework largely predates the emergence of cybercrime, it’s fairly straightforward to map the CCO elements onto cyber equivalents.

A cyber-crime application of the CCO Framework, from the UK government Foresight project on Cybertrust and Crime Prevention is here (search ‘Ekblom’ for Conjunction of Criminal Opportunity references).

  • The target of crime could be ICT hardware, software, data or networks
  • An enclosure could be defined e.g. by a firewall
  • A wider environment could be a network or a financial management system
  • Offenders could be physically present sitting in front of an unsecured terminal or damaging cabling, or telepresent via the internet
  • Intelligent software agents could be preventers, responders, promoters or even offenders

The Co-Eco-Devo-Evo Framework